photography by Hans M. Haram

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GAS is short for Gear Acquisition Syndrome, Which in my case has resulted in a camerabag somewhat bigger than strictly necessary. Listed below are my favorite tool of the trade.


Nikon D800

DSLR, 36,3 Mp, full frame. This is my workhorse, the camera to use when a result is needed, not just wanted. Not because it is such a good camera, which it is, but because it works. It produces results, all the time, every time. And it has the features to take on more difficult situations. I don't love it, but my respect is immense.


Fuji X-Pro1

Digital mirrorless, 16,3 Mp, APS-C.

Another digital wonder. Smaller, lighter, but not as capable as the Nikon. Easy to carry around and less conspicouos which can be great from time to time. And it's the digital camera I most often bring with me.I don't love it, it's more like a cool mate.


Fuji X100

Digital mirrorless/compact, 12,3 Mp, fixed 23 mm f2 lens, APS-C.

A sensation when launched, this little wonder really gave me the GAS when it entered the market. But, even though it is the mother of the mirrorless category it is now somewhat dated. I don't use it much anymore.

Leica M2

Analog rangefinder, 135 format.

This elegant camera is a great instrument. It oozes qualtity. Is so tactile in operation. And is just very cool. While being a very good camera. A camera to cherish and to treat like a princess. I love it.


Analog rangefinder, fixed 90 mm f3,5 lens,120 format.

Also called a Texas Leica, this medium format rangefinder takes excellent quality pictures. As the name suggest it is somewhat bigger than a Leica, and the quality is not as good as a Leica. But as a tool for taking photographs it is just great.

Nikon FM3/A

Analog SLR, 135 format.

Now THIS is a serious tool. Built like a tank. I use it without any worries. I wants to Climb or crawl, it savors moisture and dust. A warphotographers camera. But, like the D800, I respect it more than I love it.

Rolleiflex T

Analog TLR, fixed Tessar 75 mm f 3,5 lens,120 format.

The Rolleiflex is such a cool, iconic camera. The T model is not built to quite the same high standard as the "real McCoy's", but is still a very fun camera to use. And it produces excellent quality shots. Being a twin lens reflex with a it requires a different shooting technique.

Nikon FM2/T

Analog SLR, 135 format.

The primadonna, a Nikon made out of titanium. A mint collectors item. I have not shot a single frame with it. This is all show and no go. Which is NOT to say it is nat a great camera. It is! But it's purpose, while under my ownership, is that of a museum piece. Guess what, I love it.

Nikon 35TI

Analog compact, fixed 35 mm f2,8 lens,135 format.

Anoher titanium model from Nikon. This one I use though. A great compact camera. And it has the coolest analog scales on the top. So it's cool too.