Hans M.



Kirkeveien 45, 0368 Oslo


(+47) 970 33 949



Norwegian photographer, founder and creator of Gaugernakkel. A happy amateur, creative minded and generally suspicious creature. Trying hard to think different. Some would say I am trying hard to THINK.....

In my youth I had a Practika SLR camera. It gave me some fun, but the interest in photography soon faded. Until 2003 when I bought a Nikon Coolpix 7900.

That summer, while in Norddal, I shot a macro of a straw with a drop of water on it. Zooming in on this drop I could see the reflection of myself. I was amazed, "wow, what a great quality!" Weirdly enough this was a turning point, and my interest in photography has grown ever since.



In 2014 I followed a course at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo. It marked the start of a new level of photography. Previously I had explored. Tried just about every type of photography; from portraits, landscape, macro, panoramas, HDR, street, sports, etc.

Now my focus turned to finding my own style. Developing my own language. Striving to give my work a deeper meaning. And that is where I stand today; searching for a style of my own.


I work within the real-estate business, as the CEO of Dypro Holding AS, a company located in Oslo.

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