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photography by Hans M. Haram

All rights reserved Hans M. Haram - no pictures can be shared without my written consent.

Welcome to Gaugernakkel

If you, when the pages of our calendar showed 2015, tried googling the word Gaugernakkel it would have resulted in absolutely no hits. The word didnt exist. There was no Gaugernakkel.


And now there is!


Gaugernakkel is a brand. Sort of. It is the name of all photography and art created by me. It is also the name of a place. And a state of mind. MY state of mind. MY place. My photography and my art. And whatever else I chose to label Gaugernakkel.


I am a happy amateur photographer. A lazy one. I shoot for fun, for my own pleasure. To fulfil my own creative needs; it is my creative outlet. (So no commissioned work.)


Even though I shoot for myself I want my pictures to be seen. I also have a softspot for comments and constructive critizism. Hence this website. Although I am happy for your visit and comments I will always strive to achive a style of my own; my own "language". Regardless of what you like or dislike. I will listen, then make up my own mind. Which is not to say I disrespect your opinion. On the contrary. It's just that I can be happy even without your praise. Sorry!


Oliviero Toscani, a photographer well known for his advertorial work for Benetton, said:


"Concensus leads to mediocrity"


It is my ambition to fully comply with that. My goal, my vision, is to create something more meaningful by not seeking recognition by the many. I would rather touch a few. And I believe that can best be achived by being true to myself. By trusting my own eyes. By listening to my own heart. And being in touch with my own feelings and emotions.


Even though I state a goal I do not expect to ever reach it. This goal is merely a direction for my creativity to develop. It is a process where the good work (if any) will be produced during the process rather than when the goal is reached.


The Portfolio page is devoted to a selection of pictures that represent my work thus far. In the gallery I will post my newest pictures regardless of quality.